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GlyphViewer enables users to processed text in documents where it is normally hard to access it, such as images
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3 June 2015

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This tool lets you make sense of language text in images.

This application, the GlyphViewer, will support both recognizing and translating several language text strings, including Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. This tool has versions in Windows, MacOS and Linux. This application uses an OCR engine to read the language text in images. The OCR engine can handle more than 40 modern languages that include English, French, Chinese, Japanese and many more. As for hieroglyphics, the application uses a library of more than 800 symbols. It also includes more than 10,000 hieroglyphs combination symbols or hieroglyphic words. The images can be in JPG, PNG and GIF. By getting the texts in images translated, you could get SEO advantages. It will let you add content to your images such as multiple translations, image regions, glyph, words, etc. The more languages mean better Image SEO. Image could be exported in several formats, including HTML.

This tool will let even non-technical users to create complex ads for international campaigns. The copy in the ad could be addressed to different language speaking audience. You will be able to serve native language slogans to people. They could be linked to different regions of the image where users need to be directed. Audience will be able to get the ad message in language they understand. This can help when browsing news sites as you will now be able to understand any text in one of the supported languages. You will actually be able to understand the actual hieroglyphics on images from Egyptian temples and other monuments; at least, the hieroglyphics that have already been decoded. The hieroglyphs and the words supported by this tool will give you that capacity. This is a very good tool.

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Sometimes text in your documents, such as images and PDF files is not easily accessible. This is even frustrating if the document is found or searched online.
Quickly translate your documents in over 40 languages while preserving the layout, font and color of the original text, thus breaking online language barriers found in content that cannot be easily translated with today's online tools.
Apart from the modern language suport an unique feature of the applicatin is it's support for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, with 800+ symbols and over 10,000 ancient words for you to discover.
Edit, annotate and export your processed documents to different formats, including our own HTML format to publish them online and your site's SEO rating by helping users understand your documents in their native language.
Ever felt frustrated by not understanding a text in an image?
Imagine browsing online on news sites or portals and while reading the text content on a page an image strikes the attention, having Chinese text in it.
To most European people they are actually hieroglyphs and, while a picture can be worth a thousand words, one cannot fully comprehend the message in the image, which can actually hold wonderful secrets.
GlyphViewer can help site owners to translate and export the text in the images to provide a native language content to their users and allow search engines to associate the image with that content.
Have you ever been to Egypt and want to unlock the secrets of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs?
If you've ever been present in a temple at Luxor or Karnak the first thing that you noticed, apart from the actual size of the complex which overwhelms, is the amount of hieroglyphs on the walls, cartouches and so on.
Any decent tourist starts taking picture after picture, but at one point one just wants to know what the hieroglyphs actually mean. GlyphViewer can help you translating them. To a certain degree GlyphViewer is a modern version.
Version 2.0
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